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Mar 5, 2014 8:00am PST
minutes ago. this is about whether the irs targeted conservative groups seeking tax ex emstatus. republicans claim it was politically motivated. tea party and other conservative words, they were targeted. lois learner refused to testify today, invoking her fifth amendment rights, as she did last year during the hearings. listen to this. >> my counsel has advised me that i have not waived my constitutional rights under the fifth amendment, and on his advice, i will decline to answer any question on the subject matter of this hearing. >> that is her right to do that. the testimony broke down into a heated argument, though, between the committee's ranking democrat, elijah coupummings an darrell issa. listen to this. >> ladies and gentlemen, seeking the truth is the obligation of this committee. i can see no point in going further. i have no expectation that ms. learner will cooperate with this committee. >> mr. chairman, i have a statement. i have a procedural question, mr. chairman. mr. chairman, i have a procedural question. mr. chairman, you cannot run a committee like this. you
Mar 4, 2014 8:00am PST
wants to expand a tax credit for the middle class and the working poor. >>> an emotional testimony at the blade runners trial in south africa. neighbors describes the screams before he shot and killed his girlfriend. >>> hello, everyone. i'm john berman. michaela pereira is off today. with he would like to welcome our viewers here and around the world. we will have those stories and more at this hour. a knew escalation in the crisis in ukraine. reuters news agency is reporting that the russian navy is blocking a channel between crimea and russia. we are waiting for a critical news conference from secretary of state, john kerry are, at the center of the worst crisis since russia and the west. i arrived in kiev just hours ago. one of his first stops in independence square. you can see him at the makeshift memorial being created to honor those killed in the demonstrations on the street. the secretary of state is offering money and support to the new government. on the front lines, tensions are rigz. are rising. >> that was a dramatic picture seen at a military base in crimea. russian tro
Feb 28, 2014 8:00am PST
keep getting tax breaks and you want the inequality gap to keep growing, you are going to vote for the republicans. that's what the president can outline. >> that is the word from the white house. the president will be talking to with the democrats that he wants to send to the american people, the democrats are talking about opportunity for all but fot opportunity fnot opportunity for few. >> he gave republicans an edge heading into the mid-terms, 42% to 39%. that's pretty significant for republicans. you just picked up congressman corey gardner, who will be a tough candidate for the democrat, mark udall. rather than gloating about these facts, what do you think the biggest risk is for republicans heading into the mid-terms? >> increasingly, we have to make sure we are not defined as a party around what we are against but instead that we are a party where we are defined by what it is for. what our alternative vision for health care. what we would do on spending and knock down the status quo in washington as it relates to everything from jobs to the economy. sally made some good points.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3